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Free tour of Ljubljana with a local guide:

Now is the time to get to know Ljubljana up close with a local tourist guide. Join a guided tour of the old city center of Ljubljana, where we will combine the history, nature, layout of the city on the dragon lines and myths, with the Ljubljana icon – the dragon. The dragon, which is also a green symbol of the city, will take us from the swampy past of Luwigana to the beloved city of today, the green capital.

The dragon is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Slovenian capital. Visually it is present on the Dragon Bridge and the city shafts, on the city coat of arms, is forged in iron, at the Ljubljana Dragon Carnival and is also used in Ljubljana cuisine; if you haven’t tried the dragon cake (“zmajeva potica”) yet, this will be your opportunity. We will also reflect on how the dragon is associated to water and points out that Ljubljana is a city with a strong water element.

By legends and tradition, the dragon has been present in Ljubljana since ancient times, when this ancient monster was defeated by Jason, the hero of Greek mythology. It is interesting that the dragon was eventually accepted as a patron saint of Ljubljana residents. Already Valvasor pointed out that the dragon on the coatof arms means vigilance or alertness. The Ljubljana dragon therefore has a very positive meaning, as it          protects the city and its inhabitants from danger.

Free tours with a local guide are enabled by the Slovenian Tourist Board in order to raise awareness about how tourist guides improve the quality of the destination experience and at the same time contribute to the support of operation and preservation or raising the quality of tourist guides as an important part of tourist services.

Free tours are available until 10th December 2020 or until the funds are used up.

The program includes: 2 hours of free easy walking tour of the city center with a local tourist guide in Slovenian or Russian language.

Registrations are required by e-mail nika.buda@touras.si or by phone +386 41 947 447.

Main sights included in the tour: Congress Square, National University Library, Open Air Theatre Križanke, Cobblers' Bridge, the river Ljubljanica, the Town Hall, Robba Fountain, the Ljubljana Cathedral / St. Nicholas's Church, Plečnik's Market, Dragon Bridge, Butcher's Bridge, Prešeren Square with Triple Bridge and on requets Ljubljana Castle.

Meeting point: Congress Square at the anchor monument

10-15 Persons 0.00 EUR
16-30 Persons 0.00 EUR
2 hours
Length of Path
2 km
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The price of the guided tours includes: guide, transport and accident insurance.
Admissions are included in the price of the scheduled guided tours. Admissions are not included in the prices of individual guided tours.
Minimum number of people attending a regular scheduled guided tour in English is 2, otherwise the tour can be canceled or postponed to another day.

Private daily tours are conducted in Slovene, English, Russian, German or French and scheduled daily tours are conducted ONLY in English.

Transfers to and from attractions include transport and English-speaking driver (without a guide and entrance fees).

Terms of payment: payment in full up until one day before the start of service.
Manner of payment: in cash, by bank transfer or by credit cards Eurocard, MasterCard, Visa, American Express.
Cancellation: if the tour is cancelled by applicants in less than 24 hours before the tour is due to take place the whole amount for the tour should be paid.

In some cases different prices and general terms and conditions may be agreed upon. Pursuant to the Slovenian Code of Obligations, TOUR AS reserves the right to cancel the programme in case of force majeure or to slightly modify it but not to the detriment of its content.

General terms and conditions form part of the programme.

An individual proposition for Slovenia tours can be prepared upon agreement as well.
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